According to reports from The Office of Federal Environmental Executive (OFEE), Americans spend an estimated 90 percent of their day indoors, exposing them to up to 100 times the air pollutants found outdoors, and producing negative health effects. It is for that reason that federal facilities are choosing cleaning products that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment, otherwise known as green cleaning products.

As a resource to facility managers who are considering the use of green cleaners, the OFEE provides information on contract language, implementation guidance, case studies, links to products and services that have successfully been used by others, and expert contacts. The Department of the Interior Greening the Janitorial Business andCleaning Products Pilot Project will both provide helpful information.

The OFEE also offers suggestions on how to convert to green cleaning, help on where you can find janitorial contract services who use green products, as well as lists of existing products that have been green certified.

To access this information, and more, visit the OFEE Web site.