As employers reduce their workforce, many employees find themselves overwhelmed, burned out and unproductive. One Associated Press article comes to the aid of these employees by offering suggestions for working smarter, not harder.

Suggestions include the introduction of cleaner and more organized paperwork systems. This way when people need something, they can quickly and easily find it without disrupting another worker.

Another suggestions is to reevaluate the work that is being done and determine if it is necessary to make an impact on the overall goal. Workers need to be flexible and change to adapt to the job.

As recommended by one source sited in the article, it is important for companies to maintain work-life balance among their employees. Insist that workers take their vacations, don't work too much overtime and get time with their families. This has proven to help maintain good employees.

E-mail has also been an issue facing many workers. Because we now live in a world of instant response, workers feel the need to provide immediate results. Instead of starting the day with e-mail, workers should avoid stress by completing the most important tasks first thing in the morning. Then address others concerns such as e-mail.

Reports also suggest that workers map their time by assigning specific time slots to do certain tasks. Doing this will ensure that the job gets done and it is given the attention it deserves.

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