In the past few years, the American business climate has spiraled downward. The business services industry is not immune to these events.

Budget cuts and layoffs are all taking a toll on cleaning operations. Government run health care and pending card check legislation for union operations could make it even tougher for cleaning staffs to operate.

The American Association of Building Servic Executives was established to help cleaning professionals through these tough times. Launched in January 2010, the association has already drawn more than 500 members.

The association is open to building service contractors and cleaning staffs from schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, health care facilities, office buildings and retail stores.

Members receive a weekly e-newsletter addressing employee retention strategies, H1N1 prevention, liability reform, green cleaning, federal health care reform, card check legislation and other pertinent issues. In addition, members receive distributorship pricing on cleaning supplies and equipment as well as travel discounts on airfare and hotel expenses.

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