Tennant Company announced the recent launch its new corporate and Tennant brand Web site at www.TennantCo.com. The new site demonstrates Tennant Company’s brand focus of stewardship, innovation, and knowledge to a global audience by offering market-driven, needs-based product information as well as unprecedented industry insights and information.

“Tennant Company has a heritage as a world-leading manufacturer of award-winning industrial and commercial cleaning solutions,” said Chris Killingstad, president and CEO of Tennant Company. “This heritage is now clearly reflected in our global new Web site, which offers extensive industry expertise as well as market-driven product insights and information. We’ve taken our 135-year legacy as a leader in floor care to create a Web site that truly helps our customers create a cleaner, safer world.”

The new Tennant Company Web site is robust both in its depth and its reach and is easy to use for both industry novices and experts. More specifically, the new TennantCo.com includes:

• Unique content for six geographical regions worldwide in region-specific languages, resulting in 14 unique, locally based Web sites;
• More than 335 pages of new content, including 170 Tennant product-specific pages and 30 expertise-focused pages (a number which is growing daily);
• A new content category called “resources,” where visitors can find information ranging from answers to frequently asked questions to case studies to information on supporting green cleaning to a glossary of industry terminology; and
• Information accessible by common industries, which allows visitors to search for products and expertise based on what they clean (i.e. schools, malls, airports, warehouses, etc.) and then by their specific cleaning needs (i.e. anytime cleaning, green cleaning, slip and fall prevention, etc.).

“I can unequivocally state that no other industry Web site comes close to offering as much relevant and business-building information in as approachable and market-driven a manner as the new TennantCo.com,” said Killingstad. “This site is not only a major advancement for Tennant Company, but it’s a major advancement for our customers and for the worldwide cleaning industry at large.”

The new Tennant Company Web site was a seven-month collaborative effort that included company experts from Corporate Communications, Customer Service, Global Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Marketing Communications, Sales, Service, and Training.

In addition, Tennant Company relied on three Minneapolis-based business partners, including Ciceron, which developed the site’s information architecture and web analytics; Catalyst Studios, which was responsible for the site’s creative design and global brand identity; and Tenth Floor, whose Base10 content management software allows Tennant subject matter experts from all company levels and geographic regions to make timely site updates.