Tennant Company announced the launch of the new Nobles-branded web site at www.Nobles.com. The new site is a clear reflection of the no-nonsense, easy-to-use equipment it promotes as it offers easy-to-access, needs-based product information on all Nobles equipment.

“For more than 50 years, Nobles has been making uncomplicated, functional, highly-effective cleaning equipment with features essential to great performance,” said Steven Coopersmith, vice president of global marketing with Tennant Company. “This new web site clearly embodies and communicates the Nobles brand by offering straightforward and useful product information to help our customers make the right product selection to meet their needs.”

The new Nobles web site, which allows for viewing in English, French, or Spanish, includes more than 100 pages of product-rich content. While content is organized by product type, the site offers a detailed overview of specific common cleaning needs such as anytime cleaning, green cleaning, and heavy-duty cleaning, to allow for needs-based product research and selection.

Nobles partnered with three Minneapolis-based companies, including Ciceron, which developed the site’s information architecture and web analytics; Catalyst Studios, which was responsible for the site’s creative design and brand identity; and Tenth Floor, whose Base10 content management software allows Tennant subject matter experts from all company levels and geographic regions to make timely site updates.