Most facility managers and building service contractors know how important high-performance matting is to the health of a facility. Not to mention the roll matting plays in a green cleaning program. But, in order to help keep buildings clean and green, matting must be properly maintained.

The following Ten Use and Care Tips from Crown Mats and Matting should help managers and contractors extend the life span of matting systems and keep them working effectively:
1.  Upon receipt of a new mat or a recently cleaned mat, unroll the mat and lay it out flat.
2.  Don’t be concerned about fuzz. It’s normal for new mats to shed or “fuzz.” This typically disappears after a few vacuumings.
3.  An oily film may be present on some new rubber mats. This is not a defect and usually can be washed away with a mild detergent.
4.  Vacuum mats daily.
5.  Periodically inspect mats for possible tears or damaged borders.
6.  Quick clean some mats by hand washing or using a carpet spotter with a water-based detergent.
7.  Deep clean fabric mats with a carpet extractor and a water-based detergent. Do not use a solvent-based cleaner. Frequency depends on the amount of foot traffic.
8.  Do not use rotary scrubbers to clean mats.
9.  After washing or extraction, remove excess moisture by hanging the mat, if possible, and allowing it to air dry before it is reinstalled.
10.  Develop a regular, written mat maintenance program. Formalizing maintenance and setting a regular schedule helps ensure that mats are cared for on an ongoing basis and improves their effectiveness and longevity considerably.