A survey of industry manufacturers, distributors, and facility service providers revealed that although cleaning professionals are aware of the possibility of an avian flu pandemic, many underestimate its possible impact. According to reports on Manufacturing.net, the survey was done by Enviro-Solutions and revealed that 46 percent of respondents indicate they have a "clear" understanding of the avian flu issue, while a surprising 36 percent say they are "somewhat" aware of the flu or know little about it.

Other findings from the study revealed:
• Approximately 58 percent reported that their customers consider an outbreak "a serious threat"
• 82 percent comment that if there is an outbreak, it will pose a serious danger to the U.S. and Canada
• More than 70 percent believe there are ways to prevent an outbreak, or at least minimize the impact of a pandemic should it occur
• Nearly 90 percent commented, "the jan/san industry will play a role in minimizing the consequences" of an outbreak
• 54 percent feel that an avian flu pandemic will not have a negative effect on the jan/san industry

According to the article, "In 2005, avian flu strains infected people in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand. About 60 people have died, and strains are being detected in animals for the first time in Romania, Greece, Turkey, Russia, and England, according to the Avian Flu Information Site."

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