A survey of jan/san distributors, conducted by Enviro-Solutions, reports that the types of facilities most interested in environmentally preferable products are schools, colleges, and universities.

The survey also indicates that the types of facilities least interested in green cleaning products are industrial and commercial facilities.

More than 600 North American jan/san distributors were invited to take part in the survey, which was conducted the first part of September 2006 by an online survey service. More than 170 distributors completed the survey.

"Many of the findings are quite interesting, especially now as jan/san distributors prepare to attend the October ISSA/INTERCLEANR USA 2006 trade show in Chicago," says Mike Sawchuk, vice president of Enviro-Solutions. "This is because there will probably be even more focus on green cleaning this year than at past ISSA trade shows."

Among the other findings:
• When asked if their customers will pay more for green cleaning products, 67 percent said "sometimes," 24 percent said yes, and 8 percent said no.

• More than 43 percent indicated that "new rules and regulations" were the main reason they were going green.

• Forty-six percent of the distributors said that property owners and managers were the "key drivers" that make the decision whether to go green in their facilities.

• Typically, the key position of the person making the decision to transfer to environmentally preferable cleaning products was the operations manager of the facility.

Green Educated?
According to the survey, nearly 65 percent of the distributors believed they are "very well educated" about green cleaning. The remaining 35 percent indicated they "know something about it but have questions."

But the distributors indicated none of their customers are "very well educated" on green cleaning; 48 percent thought their customers knew something about it but had questions; more than 43 percent thought they knew "very little;" and the remainder, more than 8 percent, said their customers knew essentially nothing about Green cleaning or what it entails.