The newly released Genencor Household Sustainability Index indicates that consumers are becoming more familiar with bio-based products, including bio-based cleaning products. Eight in ten consumers in both America and Canada indicated they would select bio-based products as long as they were comparable in cost and performance to other Green or conventional products.
Genencor is a division of Danisco A/S and is engaged in industrial biotechnology. The survey was released in May 2011 and involved contacting 2,000 Americans and 2,000 Canadians by phone. The survey indicated that majorities in both countries, 71 percent in Canada and 53 percent in the United States, report recent purchases of green products.
Although many consumers are still skeptical about green product claims being better for the environment, it appears confidence in these claims is growing, especially in the United States.
The respondents labeled green products as ones that include the following characteristics:

• Are made from sustainable/renewable ingredients
• Require less energy to produce or use
• Contain few if any harmful ingredients

Regarding bio-based products specifically, 40 percent of American consumers and 35 percent of Canadians indicated they are familiar with the term bio-based as it applies to products.
Of these, strong majorities believe bio-based products are green and protective of the environment.
“This mirrors what is [also] happening in the professional cleaning industry,” says Mike Sawchuk, vice president of Enviro-Solutions. “Distributors and end users are becoming more familiar with bio-based cleaning products; recognize them as green, especially if they are certified green; and if comparable in price and performance, appear quite willing to select them.”