According to SellingPower, the reasons for high turnover in sales positions have changed over the years. In a recent study, Compensation Resources, Inc. (CRI) found that the average voluntary turnover rate in sales is 15.9 percent. This is higher than the 14.3 average turnover rate for all jobs in 12 industries surveyed. In fact, results from the study found that both voluntary turnover and overall turnover have slightly increased in 2006 over 2004 when the last data was collected.

Other studies have found similar results. The Hay Group surveyed about one million employees at 330 companies in 50 countries and found that employees "least committed to a company are its salespeople, 38 percent of whom planned to leave within two years."

Although the trend is of no surprise to management, the reasons for leaving have shifted since the 2004 study was distributed. In 2004, the top reasons for moving on were better pay and better benefits. According to the article, in 2006, the top reasons for leaving an employer is the desire for better opportunities and increased responsibilities.

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