A recent study has found that ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) successfully deactivates the Avian H5N1 virus, commonly referred to as the bird flu virus.

The study, jointly funded by VIGILAIR Systems and a number of Wall Street based financial and insurance institutions, is the first time such testing has been performed on live strains of H5N1 from Vietnam, not surrogate microorganisms.

UVGI is a potent germicide, according to VIGILAIR. When microorganisms are exposed to specific wavelengths and quantity of UV, the organism's genetic material is corrupted. These organisms are then unable to reproduce and are rendered harmless.

In the study, VIGILAIR used software to design a system that combines UVGI and high efficiency filtration to protect a building's environment from microbial contamination. The systems are installed inside a building's ventilation system to disinfecting the air that is circulated throughout the structure.