The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) recognizes the trend toward more innovative approaches to green cleaning, and is therefore embarking upon a pilot program and field study to evaluate new technologies and processes that are expected by some experts to change the nature of green cleaning. As part of a national pilot program and study, individual leaders in the educational sector and leading school districts are being offered a unique opportunity to participate as pathfinders in the next phase of green cleaning by joining in the field testing of key technologies utilizing renewable, reduced-chemical or chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing processes.
The program is being offered selectively to facilities that IEHA has identified as industry leaders, and involves the following steps:
• A phone conference call with invited facility management, the IEHA program manager, and scientific and/or field advisors and trainers to define the proposed test or pilot parameters and the responsibilities of respective parties;
• A signing of confidentiality and other agreements to protect all parties and to help ensure clear and unimpeded communications;
• Purchase of a single unit of each model within IEHA's designated Test Equipment Menu at reduced rate to enable the long-term study to proceed (these monies* are fully refundable if the facility decides it does not wish to keep the equipment at the end of the study);
• A review of the data - productivity, cost, cleanliness and hygienic outcomes - collected at quarterly intervals;
• Correlating and interpreting the data to determine whether operational changes utilizing new processes appear to be warranted;
• The drafting of a confidential report that the educational facility can use to drive progressive decision making;
• Related publicity around program success upon consent of all parties;
• Opportunity to participate as a member of a "Renewable Cleaning Consortium" under the auspices of the upcoming Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI).

*A percentage of all funds generated by participating companies related to this study will be donated to the IEHA Education Foundation, the Healthy Schools Campaign, or to another non-profit designated by the educational facility participant.
If you wish to nominate a facility as a candidate for participation or for more information, contact Beth Risinger at or call 800-200-6342.