Stratus Building Solutions is one of the “50 Top Franchises for Minorities” selected by the respected National Minority Franchising Initiative (NMFI) in a process that evaluated hundreds of U.S. franchisors.

Stratus Building Solutions was identified in a USA Today feature article about the growth of minority franchising and the value of NMFI as a reliable barometer of minority franchise opportunity.

Stratus Building Solutions CEO Dennis Jarrett and President Pete Frese said in a statement:  “We built our company on core values that enable unit franchisees in all races, colors and creeds to be successful by owning and operating their own business, regardless of their background.

“We are indeed honored to be chosen as one of the very best franchisors for minorities because it validates Stratus Building Solutions’ business values and our commitments to equal opportunity,” said Jarrett and Frese, adding “We like to help people be successful.”

NMFI’s top 50 franchisors, including Stratus Building Solutions, were chosen from hundreds of companies that requested consideration and which provided current Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) and other data for NMFI’s expert evaluation.

In announcing the Top 50, NMFI Founder Rob Bond noted that franchising by minority entrepreneurs is increasing. Bond said, ““We are extremely pleased to see that, in short ten years, minority representation has increased remarkably in the franchising industry. Whereas minorities may have accounted for only five or six percent of total franchisees in 2000, the consensus is that today they account for well in excess of 15%. This is quite a remarkable testament not only to the industry’s reaching out to minorities, but to the underlying values and entrepreneurial talents that minorities contribute.”