According to The Providence Journal, Rhode Island, cities, towns and school districts are desperate for additional funding to maintain basic services. But relief is on the way. "Finally, Rhode Island's 36 school districts and its 39 cities and towns, each with its respective different departments for police, municipal, fire and so forth, have a way to pool their resources to get better prices on goods and services."

By pooling their money, the local government could save enormous amounts of money on contracts such as bulk janitorial supplies, labor contracts, bussing, health care, and so on.

According to the article:
"Brian Stern, a lawyer from private industry and now Rhode Island's state purchasing agent, has been negotiating state contracts for goods and services that are specifically written to allow any Rhode Island public agency to join. As cities, towns and school districts join up, the increased purchasing pool will drive prices down yet further."

Sterns says,"... When schools participate in state contracts we can further drive down the prices for everyone. And there is additional money to be saved if we leverage the expertise of all our purchasing professionals throughout the state. By combining this expertise we can get the best value for our customers and save money for Rhode Island taxpayers."

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