More than 65 industry professionals from across the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico converged on Maumee, Ohio on August 15th to take part in a Clothesline Fresh Laundry & SparClean Warewash Seminar hosted by Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

This seminar featured two class levels for sales technicians and service representatives. The basic training session was for new sales techs/service representatives. Attendees learned about Spartan’s laundry and warewash products as well as sales techniques. Hands-on training with installation of dispensers was also offered. A parallel session was held with advanced training for individuals who have been service representatives for at least two years. The special two-day event, which concluded on August 17th, also offered unparalleled networking opportunities.

In attendance were: Roley Hewines, Burlington, ON., Canada; Bobby Segal, Harahan, LA; Pete Reynolds, Little Rock, AR; Nick Mirestes, Memphis, TN; Alan Walter, Pompano Beach, FL; Tony Troutman, Tulsa, OK; Christopher Trey Fountain, Athens, GA; Tom Taylor, Olive Branch, MS; Blake Charles, Opelousas, LA; Kevin Brown, Champaign, IL; Ben Carlson, Champaign, IL; David M Johnson, Birmingham, AL; Mike Robinson, Birmingham, AL; Rick Johnson, Bowling Green, KY; Ladd Efcic, Willowick, OH; Nicholas Oddo, Willowick, OH; Keith Vosbury, Minden, LA; Matt Stephens, Tyler, TX; Mark Sanna, Rochester, NY; Kevin Buchanan, Laurel, MS; Wesley Malone, Laurel, MS; John Brack, Amarillo, TX; Kevin Gilliam, Zionsville, IN; Matt Gosser, Zionsville, IN; Philip Walker, Mexico City, Mexico; Steve Hill, Stillwater, OK; David Watson, Stillwater, OK; Rodney Ritchey, Corpus Christi, TX; Greg Brooks, Corpus Christi, TX; Daniel Smith, Victoria, TX; Jim Berry, Canton, MA; Bill Gavin, Canton, MA; Dave Shannon, Canton, MA; Bill Millar, Canton, MA; Mike Chambers, Indianapolis, IN; Curtis McDowell, Indianapolis, IN; Dan Mueller, Hazelwood, MO; Eric Michalowski, Hazelwood, MO; Michael Saunders, Nassau, Bahamas; Wayne Wright, Union City, TN; James Cook, Union City, TN; Jesse Ramirez, Houston, TX; Nate Adams, Richmond, VA; Bill Lebourveau, Louisville, KY; Larry Wilson, West Chester Township, Hamilton, OH; Joe Niemeyer, West Chester Township, Hamilton, OH; Tom Rohrkasse, West Chester Township, Hamilton, OH; Mark
Broll, San Antonio, TX; Robert Gipson, Grand Prairie, TX; Joann Ayres, Houston, TX; Larry McLeod, Clarksville, TN; Brandon Fitzpatrick, Santa Clara, CA; Brent Collins, Charleston, SC; Mark Gibson, Charleston, SC; Jacob Sutherland, Lima, OH; Berry Morris, Pensacola, FL; Dan Henney, York, PA; Jeff Burns, York, PA; Doug Heberger, Manchester, CT; Mike Guerreri, Manchester, CT; Jim Hehir, Atlanta, GA; Rafael Cruz, Sabana, PR; Jesus Mercado, Sabana, PR; Jose Montanez, Sabana, PR; Luz Lopez, Sabana, PR; Terry Schweizer, Kent, WA; Jose Rivera, Denver, CO; Paul Snow, Colorado Springs, CO and Mark Campbell, Hagerstown, MD.