Some have started to notice the nice two-ply paper they used to have in the bathrooms is now one-ply, or a very thin two-ply, and those quick-drying paper towels are now much thinner. Jill Vanikiotis with Holt Cleaning Supply in Layton says it's happening more often.

"People still want good quality, and it's really hard to find good quality for low prices," Vanikiotis said.

So, they are shopping around. Bryan Holt of Holt Cleaning Supply says in the past two months they have lost some accounts as companies try to find their own cheaper sanitary supplies. A representative of Brady Industries, which is also a janitorial and paper supplier, says a few of the companies they work with have also recently switched to cheaper brands of toilet paper. Still, Vanikiotis says sometimes the lowest bidder isn't the best.

"The lowest cost is coming from China, and they don't have a high-quality limit," she said.

Vanikiotis says that means one box that looks the same and has the same name may be a poorer quality. She says speak up to your company if you don't like what you are seeing in the bathroom.

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