businessman on the road to success in business

Every business has ups and downs. This has been the case at Kaivac, as it likely has been at most every business in the professional cleaning industry. However, over the past twenty years, the company has not only survived, it has thrived.   
In the past year, the company's success was topped off by winning a significant contract with Walmart.
The mega-retailer decided to select Kaivac’s SUV floor cleaning system for maintaining the floors in thousands of their retail stores.  
So, now that they are a success, what has the company learned along the way? According to company insiders, here are Kaivac’s Top Seven Secrets for Business Success: 
 • Stick with it.  Expect naysayers to gather around when starting a new company or introducing a new product.  Kaivac believed in its products and knew they would help cleaning professionals. If you feel the same about your products and services, stay focused and stick with it. 
 • Keep learning. Take advantage of classes, webinars, and other educational programs that can help you operate your business more efficiently and effectively.    
 • See setbacks as an opportunity.  Amazon, which is currently looking to build its second U.S. headquarters, has been calling cities and telling them why they were not selected. This is a setback for these cities. But by calling these cities, Amazon is providing valuable insight that could help them secure another large company in the future.   
 • Always look good and act professional. The suit-and-tie look in business may be behind us, at least in the office, but dressing well and acting professional never goes out of style.
 • Praise a job well done. Be quick with praises, acknowledging people on your team that have taken the extra step, helping your company in one way or another. Praise makes everyone in the company proud, want to go the extra mile, and be honored as well. 
 • Focus on the big picture. If you are the president of your company, delegate the day-to-day issues to others in your business. As the company leader, your job is to determine where you want to be a year from now, or five years from now, and how you plan to get there. 
 • Have some fun. Your business is your livelihood, and as it grows, it becomes the livelihood of many others. This is the serious side of the business. But you must also have some fun. One cleaning contractor hosts soccer games for his staff every month. They play hard, eat hearty after the game, enjoy the camaraderie, and have a lot of fun.