BizJournals' Jeffrey Gitomer hit it on the head with his report on what buyers want from their salespeople. Comprised in this article are 10 do’s and 10 don’ts for salespeople to keep in mind.


  1. Be honest
  2. Give the buyer valuable ideas/suggestions
  3. Understand and be interested in the buyers business
  4. Treat them with respect
  5. Be a decent human being, with a sense of ethics and morals
  6. Know your own business cold
  7. Be friendly and personable
  8. Remember the details
  9. Make good on your word
  10. Take responsibility
According to the article, the single smartest move a salesperson could make is: Don’t “sell” them. Let them “buy.”


  1. Tell an expedient lie
  2. Function only as an order-taker
  3. Communicate nonsense
  4. Use bad manners
  5. When schmoozing, speak ill of your competition
  6. Assume I know nothing about your business
  7. Fail to attempt to form a relationship
  8. Make a presentation with no copy of your proposal or supporting materials to leave behind
  9. Forget to follow through
  10. Refuse to take responsibility and shift blame on other people
The article sites the top complaint of customers when dealing with salespeople as manipulation.

For an explanation on each of these, click here to read the full article.