The Ashkin Group is forming a new division on Sustainability Practices.

Cynthia Schultz, who has just recently joined the firm, will be heading the new division.  

Formerly, the senior director of communication at the Indiana University Alumni Association, she has also been a designer of corporate on-line training courses at Option Six, Inc, a highly-respected e-learning provider also based in Bloomington.

With extensive experience in the design and development of Web-based training and information systems for commercial and not-for-profit businesses, Schultz will be assisting in the development of Ashkin’s “Sustainability Dashboard.”

The new Web-based system will provide the tools industry professionals and facility managers need to measure their companies’ progress in becoming Greener and more sustainable businesses. This way, they can responsibly use resources to meet present needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

“The Ashkin Group is evolving as is our industry, addressing not only Green cleaning, but the bigger and broader need for sustainability,” said Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group. “The Sustainability Dashboard that Cynthia is working on will help us play a leadership role in this new direction.”

Ashkin adds, “Many companies are already expanding their sustainable practices, but these are often mega corporations. We are designing our [Dashboard] program to help small to mid-sized companies in our industry incorporate more sustainable practices as well.”

“It’s exciting to be working on such a worthwhile project with The Ashkin Group,” Schultz says. “We believe the natural evolution of the Green movement is that customers will want to buy Green products from Green companies. The Sustainability Dashboard will measure progress through management reports that companies will be able to share with their customers.”