According to reports from WWLP, more schools in Springfield, Mass. are closing due to issues with snow on the roof. On Wednesday afternoon Springfield Public Schools held a news conference to come up with a plan to remove snow from public school roofs.

The city's Department of Parks, Buildings and Recreation has been assessing each school and setting up a schedule for cleaning. Not every school will have to close for cleaning. 

Patrick Sullivan, the Executive Director of the Springfield Parks, Building and Recreation management department told 22News this winter posed unique challenges. "Usually you get normal melting that happens we really didn't have a January thaw and usually you get more time between each storm with melting happening so that's what makes this so unusual there's very little melting happening." 

Sullivan did stress each building is safe at the moment. The cleaning costs about a dollar a square foot, money that was not budgeted. 

Dr. Allan Ingram the superintendent said the clean up of roofs will cost between one and one point five million dollars. He said the school committee will be working with the city to request the additional funds. 

Wednesday afternoon the Kennedy School was evacuated after a report of a buckling door. Officials evaluated the building and found the door was not buckling, it was ust stuck due to paint that had dried it shut. 

Also Wednesday the Dryden School in Springfield was closed as the roof was worked on and will be closed again Thursday. 

Warner school will also be closed to work on removing snow. 

Throughout the week many parents called 22News concerned about their children's schools because they felt they weren't given enough information. 

22News asked the superintendent whether he felt enough notice was given to the public. "Again, not every incident requires a news conference or a news release but we do work diligently to try to make sure our employees and families, more importantly are aware of the changes that will affect them. We believe we did that in this instance this week," he said.