According to the New York Teacher, vendors are preying on schools in an attempt to take advantage of New York’s new green cleaning law by promoting diluted petrochemical products. But, school officials are skeptical of the safety data sheets provided because some indicate benefits only after mixed with water.

However, according to reports, when cleaning products are brought into the schools, where they are stored, the chemicals are still in concentrated form – which is toxic and hazardous.

Because New York is the first state to require environmentally sensitive cleaning products, schools have found it difficult to comply. Because the state’s Office of General Services has not yet approved a list of accepted, reports indicate that manufacturers are simply selling the same petrochemical products in diluted form to schools seeking to adhere to the new law.

School officials have gotten other departments involved to help with the problem. Fire departments are still contacted when full concentrated chemicals arrive and they are encouraging parents and community members, as well as local union health and safety committees to get involved with the district’s choice of products.

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