According to GreenBiz reports, a national study revealed that "green" schools could save an average of $100,000 each year. Total financial benefits from green schools outweigh the costs 20 to 1, according to reports. With over $35 billion dollars projected to be spent in 2007 on K-12 construction, the conclusions of this report have far-reaching implications for future school design.

Sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers, the American Institute of Architects, the American Lung Association, the Federation of American Scientists and the US Green Building Council, the report includes a detailed analysis of 30 green schools built in 10 states between 2001 and 2006.

Some of the major benefits determined by this study include:

• Green schools use 33 percent less energy and 32 percent less water
• Offer better lighting, temperature control, improved ventilation and indoor air-quality
• Greening all schools would create over 2,000 new jobs each year

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