According to reports n New York's Rochester Democrat and, schools throughout the area are experiencing tougher rules to reduce children's exposure to chemicals. In compliance with new state laws, janitors will now be required to use "environmentally friendly" cleaning supplies.

According to the article, "Concerns about the harmful health effects chemicals can have, especially on children, and a realization that cleaners with reduced amounts of potentially dangerous ingredients are increasingly available prompted the legislation, which takes effect Sept. 1." Some products specifically targeted in the legislation include cleaners, waxes and deodorizers, vacuum cleaners and sanitary paper products.

The law applies to buildings and grounds at all public and private elementary and secondary schools, but janitors wont need to trash existing cleaners and rush out to buy those approved by the state. Officials say that janitors are welcome to use up existing products before buying green replacements.

Some local groups and parents in the area have criticized the regulations, saying they don’t go far enough to protect the children, but according to the article, the state stands by their guidelines. To report their progress, the Office of General Services and the state Education Department are required to issue a report by June 1 on the last impact on schools.

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