In June of 2006, the City of Springfield, Mass., hired a private cleaning contractor to work in all its school buildings. According to The Republican, "some members of the School Committee are calling the move a failure." Some have gone so far to request that city officials drop the cleaning contract and instead hire back the second-shift custodians who are overseen by the city.

Reports indicate that multiple complaints have come up as a result of the cleaning contract. Principals and teachers have issued more complaints and anyone who visits the schools cant help but notice they are not as clean.

Officials noticed, almost immediately, that the schools were not getting the attention they deserved, but wanted to give the contractor some time to get caught up. Many feel that six months is long enough and something more needs to be done.

The shift towards contracted cleaning resulted in 100 layoffs and a five-year, $18 million agreement and a one-time $900,000 remedial cleaning, which have yet to be completed in some of the schools.

School Committee officials are in the process of reviewing each school to make their own assessment before proceeding forward.

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