Voters in northwest Montana are being asked to support an upcoming levy to build a new high school. Residents think the school will cost too much money, but the superintendent comments that regardless of the update, schools in the area need the support of area residents to fund their children's education.

According to an article in the Daily Inter Lake, $634,547 is needed to build the high school. That number includes building materials and overhead costs. The largest chunk of money will go to the additional staff needed to run the larger school. In addition to teachers and athletic coaches, additional staff includes at least one maintenance job, one groundskeeper and eight custodians.

The district will be stretching its custodial staff slightly, according to the superintendent. School districts often determine the number of janitors needed according to the total square footage. One custodian per 22 or 23 square feet is typical, according to the article. The new school will have a staff equivalent to one custodian per 28 square feet.

Another change that will be made is that individual janitors will not be assigned to specific areas in buildings. However, they will be working in teams to help cover the larger areas.

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