According to the Sentinel-Standard in Ionia, Mich., the Ionia County Intermediate School District (ICISD) will be providing more than new conference rooms in the administrative office. They are implemting green cleaning and will introduce new area custodial staff.

The ICISD will be working with Ionia County Community Mental Health and Goodwill Industries to provide new jobs and training for the developmentally disabled, of whom will provide cleaning services to the district.

According to reports, studies show that employing developmentally disabled workers leads to a decreased need for those workers to use social services and helps them become more independent. It may also offer a tax break, depending on the employee’s time spent working.

Developmentally disabled employees will use Green Clean products approved by Green Seal. Not only do these products cause less toxic pollution and waste, they also conserve resources and habitats, and minimize global warming and ozone depletion. This was decided to meet prospective federal mandates that require the use of green cleaning products in all federal buildings.

The plan to outsource certain jobs will not displace any of the current custodians, according to reports, and new employees will be trained two at a time by Goodwill Industries. Goodwill has developed the Janitorial Green Clean Program for the training of these prospective employees. The five-week program will provide education in general and floor cleaning.

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