Janitors at the Santa Fe school district received good news when the school board decided to give custodians and groundskeepers raises. According to reports in the New Mexican, the district has had problems with their I-9 documentation and have not been able to replace all 60 workers who were let go last spring. Because of this, the district has been saving significant dollars, which they decided should go to the lowest-paid workers within the facility.

School officials commented that traditionally, there has been a problem filling its custodial positions, but if enough workers are hired to fully staff the schools, money for the raises will have to come from other places. Possibly the 25-cent increase in lunch fees would help bring salaries up.

According to reports, the school continues to advertise for new custodians, but many applicants have been unable to fulfill I-9 requirements. They have seen problems with eligibility paperwork in combination with "no-match" letters from the Social Security Administration, which is what lead to the firings in the first place.

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