At a press conference held to announce a new partnership between SEIU, AARP and the Business Roundtable, SEIU's International President Andy Stern called the new effort an example of the momentum growing across the nation for action on the health care crisis.

Today, Stern joined AARP CEO Bill Novelli and Business Roundtable President John J. Castellani as they announced that their three organizations — representing over 50 million workers, consumers, and business owners — are joining forces to press for real solutions to the most serious problems facing Americans today: the high cost of health care and long-term financial security.

"The time is long overdue for America to address these problems," said Stern. "America needs a plan for the 21st century. Not a Democratic or Republican plan, or a business or labor plan. We need an American plan to ensure that the American Dream endures for our children and grandchildren."

Stern said that new partnership was evidence of growing demand for change, with states like Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and California taking steps towards universal coverage, and corporate America becoming more active in the call for action.

"The winds of change are blowing," said Stern. "Now, for the first time, major drivers of change are standing together, demanding action. Our three organizations represent one out of every six people in America. And today we stand united by our love for this country and our desire to see it prosper."

As President of the largest union of health care workers in North America, Andy Stern has called for a fundamental reshaping of the nation's health care system, recently challenging CEOs of the Fortune 500 to partner with SEIU to develop a new model that solves the health care crisis for American workers and businesses alike.