The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) will launch "SDA Science," a new Web site showcasing the scientific, human health and environmental safety of cleaning products and their ingredients.

Separately, the SDA will unveil a Web page highlighting the sustainable development and product stewardship activities of its member companies, which are leaders in the cleaning product and oleochemical industries.

Scheduled for a June 2006 launch, SDA Science will be available online at The site will serve as a repository of scientific information – reports, articles, presentations, and studies – related to cleaning products and their ingredients. The emphasis will be on such products and ingredients which are subject to government or regulatory supervision, especially substances that fall under the High Production Volume (HPV) chemical heading.

"We expect SDA Science to attract a broad global audience, including professionals involved in regulatory or legislative issues, academics, scientists, students, various interest groups and lay persons," said Richard Sedlak, SDA senior vice president of technical and international affairs.

SDA’s Sustainability Web page will be available on SDA’s main Web site at as of March 2006.

"This Web page is an outgrowth of SDA’s Principles of Sustainable Development, which were adopted by our Board of Directors in 2004," said Ernie Rosenberg, SDA president & CEO. "SDA’s Web site will serve as a showcase for the longstanding and ongoing sustainability and stewardship efforts of our member companies."

The site will feature links to updated sustainable development and stewardship reports and documents issued by SDA’s member companies, a list of which is available at

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