“Tweets” about all things clean are coming your way – in 140 characters or less.
The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) has unveiled its Cleaning101 page on Twitter, the micro-blogging site that invites its users to “communicate and stay connected” – in as few words as possible.
You can visit SDA’s page at www.twitter.com/cleaning101.
“As the home of the cleaning products industry, SDA communicates via multiple channels on the safe, beneficial and proper use of cleaning products,” said Brian Sansoni, SDA Vice President of Communication.  “Cleaning101 on Twitter gives SDA another avenue to quickly and efficiently share good information about cleaning, hygiene and health – and the science behind it.”
Cleaning101 on Twitter will feature updates on cleaning and hygiene trends, and new information posted on SDA’s main website, as well as SDA’s other family of websites, including:
CleaningProductsFacts.com – a microsite dedicated to providing fact-based information on cleaning product safety.

AgainstDisease.org – Users can download a copy of Against Disease: The Impact of Hygiene and Cleanliness on Health at no cost.  This book compiles the historical and technical record on the role of sanitation, medical advances, cleanliness and hygiene on public health and infection control.  The site also features informative excerpts from the book.

SDAScience.org – This is an updated library of research and data showcasing the human health and environmental safety of cleaning products and their ingredients, as well as their benefits.