SCA Tissue North America has teamed up with the  “Green” Hotels Association to encourage, promote and support ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry.

SCA Tissue is now an Ally Member of the “Green” Hotels Association. The organization has identified SCA Tissue for its members in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe and Asia as a vendor offering environmentally preferable paper products and systems.

SCA Tissue is one of only four paper products companies approved by the “Green” Hotels Association as an Ally Member.

The  “Green” Hotels Association empowers lodgers to institute ways they can protect the environment while saving themselves money. Over the past 14 years, the organization has become well known for providing member hotels with towel-rack hangers and sheet-changing cards that ask guests to consider using towels and linens more than once in order to conserve energy and water.

“General managers, chief engineers and executive housekeepers do not have time to search out all the water-saving, energy-saving and solid-waste-reducing ideas that apply to the hospitality industry, so our organization has dedicated itself to that purpose,” said Patricia Griffin, president of “Green” Hotels Association.

Attributes that contributed to SCA Tissue’s recognition as an Ally Member of the association include its use of recycled raw materials, a mill of origin program that cuts transportation fuel usage, process chlorine-free bleaching fiber treatment, industry-leading water conservation initiatives and innovative dispensing tissue and towel systems that reduce paper consumption and waste.

“Partnering with the ‘Green’ Hotels Association is part of our ongoing commitment to help the hospitality and lodging industry reduce their environmental footprint,” said Don Lewis, President of SCA Tissue.

“As with our active participation in the U.S. Green Building Council and its LEED program, joining forces with the ‘Green’ Hotels Association allows us to extend our environmental efforts and create synergy across multiple industries in fostering sustainable business practices,” said Lewis.

SCA Tissue, headquartered in Philadelphia, is one of the three largest producers of Away-From-Home tissue products in North America and was the first American papermaker to earn EcoLogoM certification for its environmentally sustainable processes and products. SCA Tissue annually recycles more than 700,000 tons of recycled paper to make tissues, towels and napkins.