As reported in a USAToday article, airports are upgrading the quality of their restrooms to meet customer satisfaction demands. According to Lysa Scully of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, bathroom cleanliness ranks up there with such concerns as the condition of gate and terminal areas, the quality of concessions and the efficiency of check-in and security screening.

As a result of these findings, many airports have stepped up to improve the quality of their restrooms. This includes the implementation of bathroom attendants. This is a person who is constantly on hand to clean up spills, hand out towels, mints, mouthwash and feminine products. Airport visitors have warmly received the constant attention to restroom cleanliness. Passengers visiting the airport restrooms have also welcomed touchless features and decorations.

Although the majority of travelers are pleased with the cleanliness and attention to detail they find in airport restrooms, some frequent flyers have a few suggestions for facility managers: automatic toilet seat covers, more spacious stalls, larger trash cans, and mirrors away from the sinks.

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