The custodial operations manager at Saginaw Valley State University, Mich., has stepped up her efforts towards greening the campus. She is working on improving the campus recycling program.

According to The Valley Vanguard, Dorie Wenglikowski will run a recycling test that will include placing six bins around campus in order to make students aware of the endless recycling possibilities. The bins will be color-coded blue to designate where to recycle paper and cardboard and green for glass, tin and plastic products.

Currently, throughout campus, students participate in recycling paper — including toilet paper and paper towels. They also recycle paper, plastic, tin, cardboard and glass in the dorms. Wenglikowski is hoping that this trend will spread throughout campus.

According to the article, a major goal of this new program is to designate SVSU as having a "green" campus, meaning a large percentage of products are being recycled.

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