Many hotels have laid off security staff after the recession imposed a financial burden on facilities. According to Associated Press reporting, those layoffs have resulted in countless security issues for hotel housekeepers. In fact, those housekeepers say they often feel a twinge of fear when they slide the keycard, turn the door handle and step into a room to clean it. They just don't know what they'll find behind that door.

In some cases, housekeepers find men that force themselves on the worker, dogs that attack or lewd behavior by guests occupying the room. To combat the issue, many hotels have adopted policies aimed at protecting housekeepers, such as barring them from cleaning rooms while they are occupied. One standard practice is to prop the open door with a supply cart while cleaners are tending to guest rooms. And some hotels will send only male employees to a room late at night if computers show that a guest has been watching pornographic television.

As stated in the Associated Press piece, labor groups worry that the recession has created more danger by forcing hotels to cut back on both security guards and housekeepers.

"You're on a floor by yourself, with those long hallways and nobody around, cleaning 30 rooms a day alone," said Tho Do, a vice president of UNITE HERE. "You don't have a lot of protection."

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