Once a month Rabbi Yossi Lew travels from Atlanta to this small town near Charlotte to visit a soap manufacturing plant. He makes the trip to assure that the plant is “keeping kosher” in manufacturing 11 of its products.

Mention the word kosher and most people probably think of food products and the requirements of Jewish dietary law for something to be kosher. The potential for incidental contact with food caused some customers to ask Deb SBS if any of its soap products were kosher.

At the time President Allen Soden had to say no, but he asked himself why not?  

In 2007, Deb SBS began examining its manufacturing process to determine how it could comply with the requirements necessary to make its products kosher. As a result the plant now produces 11 of its hand soaps and hand sanitizers under kosher conditions that are certified by Rabbi Lew.

For the kosher products, Deb SBS had to eliminate any ingredient that has animal byproducts in it. Rabbi Lew reviews all raw materials and how they were manufactured.

“Businesses that cater to Jewish clientele, such as restaurants, food manufacturers, nursing homes, and school are interested in buying Deb SBS kosher products. Many people who are not Jewish also buy and trust brands that are kosher,” Soden said.  

In his certification letter, Rabbi Lew writes: “Please be advised that I actively inspect the Deb SBS Inc, in Stanley, North Carolina. The following soap products and cleaning agents contain natural and synthetic ingredients, with no animal derivatives. These products, which do not carry any kosher certification on their label, are, in fact, Kosher.”

His letter then lists the following products:

1. Aero IQ - Antibacterial Quat Foaming Hand Soap
2. Aero Instant - Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer
3. Aero Instant Free - Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer
4. Sanitane/Cleanse-2 - E-2 Skin Cleanser
5. Aero E-2 Foaming E-2 Skin Cleanser
6. Aero Rose - Luxurious Plush Foam Soap
7. Aero Rose Free- Luxurious Plush Foam Soap.
8. Aero Blue - Foam Hand & Body Shampoo
9. Aero Green - Antibacterial Foam Soap
10. SBS -40 Medicated Conditioning Cream
11. SBS -40 Cartridge Medicated Skin Cream