RONA-U, a collegiate group backed by the Recycling Organization of North America (RONA) to better connect higher education and the recycling industry, recently announced that Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), Winchester, Va., has signed a charter partnership agreement to increase waste recycling streams more efficiently on campuses across the nation.
RONA-U partnered with Rubbermaid Commercial Products because of their commitment to products, methods and programs that help people live and work in more environmentally sustainable ways.
“RCP has a number of products and training programs that can assist RONA-U with their goals of sustaining and enhancing recycling and waste reduction on campuses across North America,” said Corey Rodriguez, National Segment Manager - Institutional for Rubbermaid Commercial Products.
“We are excited to collaborate at this new, higher level with Rubbermaid Commercial Products” said Jack DeBell, RONA Program Manager for Universities.  “This partnership holds great potential for colleges and universities seeking superior collection equipment and proven experience with campus operations.”
As part of the partnership, RONA-U and RCP will work together on a pilot take-back program, conduct institutional usage focus groups and provide technical assistance and training resources on best management practices when it comes to improved diversion rates.  In addition, RONA will work with Rubbermaid to establish a procurement relationship that will provide RONA members economies of scale when purchasing products.