Frederick Quinn and his partner, Gerry Loftus, have a dynamic vision that focuses on four key points when it comes to the growth of the business:  Repair, Restore and Preserve the assets of our customers with an emphasis on being Environmentally Friendly. The company, Quest Specialty Chemicals (QSC) is a holding company that looks for acquisitions to build a world-class business in the specialty coatings industry.
“We have grown since 2004 from just under $25 million to over $100 million through acquisition and organic growth with earnings growth paralleling our revenues,” said Quinn. “Our focus is on companies with established revenue and earnings growth due to niche market positions and strong proprietary technology.”
Quest Specialty Chemicals is looking for its next threshold in revenues in the area of $200 million.  Quinn feels this will be accomplished by a focus on the core markets of industrial, construction and transportation through both acquisition and the organic growth of its current businesses.
Over the past five years, QSC has acquired Raabe (touch-up paint and aerosols) and competitors Foxcolor and Custom Finishes, Matrix System Automotive Finishes and Zolatone (automotive and industrial marine coatings), United Coatings and Hydro-Stop  (roofing systems and building envelope sustainability).
The success of QSC is centered on Quinn’s focused vision and the partnership of his co-entrepreneurs: Gerry Loftus, COO and Carol Bramson, (Board Member). Quinn, Loftus and Bramson each bring a core competency of experience in running companies and being extremely adept in guiding the funding to make things happen.
For most other companies throughout the United States, the last three years have been managed in tough economic waters. It is a rare coincidence that the Quest Specialty Chemicals logo is that of a giant sailing ship poised to handle the most challenging seas. The business realty for QSC is that the company has grown despite the tumultuous times and is looking to increase revenues and earnings growth again in 2010.
According to Quinn, the company has been successful by navigating with a well defined and quantified strategic plan supported by specific new revenue initiatives. “Despite the challenges of raw material increases and an economic recession, the company’s earnings have grown every year. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a capable, well-focused team to make things happen in the right direction.”