Upclose image of Coronavirus

The following is part two of two of a question and answer interview CleanLink.com held with Zac Copper, owner and founder of Northbay Maintenance Inc., a cleaning company in the Bay Area. To read part one of the interview, click here.

CleanLink: What mistakes do you see cleaning service companies making right now in their effort to fight COVID-19 and how would you fix those mistakes?

Cooper: What is concerning is the lack of education and consistent standards set in place for disinfecting and sanitizing. Cleaning is an incredibly fragmented market and everyone is left to interpret how to disinfect on their own, which is leading to some huge swings in quality and effectiveness. For example, I’m seeing a lot of companies not invest in electrostatic sprayers because of the cost and opt instead for pump sprayers. The only issue is that OSHA [United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration] is stating pump sprayers shouldn’t be used because they can aerosolize the virus, essentially making it airborne again which makes things 10 times worse. 

We have a team that does nothing but research and study the best practices against this and we are more than happy to offer guidance or send over the standards we’ve set to anyone needing help.

CleanLink: What have you been doing to keep up with customer demand?

It’s a difficult situation because typically with high demand the natural instinct is to hire additional help. In this case we can’t afford rookie mistakes, so we’ve opted to keep our core team in place and focus instead on how we can optimize their workload using tools such as route optimization, more efficient cleaning equipment and at the end of the day, working weekends and longer hours to make sure we are taking care of our community.

CleanLink: How do you think this pandemic will change the future of your business?

Cooper: I think this pandemic is going to change the way people perceive and value cleanliness. Sanitizing will be seen as a basic safety precaution. I see routine disinfection services being added on to the janitorial services we offer our clients as I’m anticipating a shift in mentality and value around keeping workplaces and employees safe.