According to Fox11online coverage, the thousands of people rallying in Madison, Wis. to protest Governor Scott Walker's union and budget cuts have created headaches for janitors in charge of maintaining the Capital building. As thousands of protestors spend another night (one week and counting) in the building, custodial crews were finding it difficult to stay on top of the mess.

The frenzy of the protests and all night sleepovers has led to increased trash and traffic at the Capitol. For janitors trying to do their job, it has been overwhelming. That said, protestors there to fight Governor Walker are coming to the aid of janitors claiming that they aren't there to cause additional burden to the cleanup crew or officers keeping the peace.

University of Wisconsin-Madison students involved in the rally have formed the Information Station inside the facility and will go around picking up trash, collecting lost and found items and supplying drinks and snacks to those in need. In exchange, the group is collecting donations, which will be given back to the custodial department to help clean up the Capital and repair the grounds once the crowd disperses.

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