Pro-Link, Inc., a jansan-focused buying and marketing group, introduces a new online tool, which is specifically designed for site visitors, distributors, and customers to calculate how much carbon dioxide is released by their facilities’ plastic liners.   
This easy-to-use system clearly illustrates the pounds of plastic saved when customers choose the right liner for the right application.
The plastic savings results in reduced CO2 emissions by using less oil.  These results are presented in everyday, easy to understand terms.  Visitors can quickly see how much their decisions can help the environment.
“We think it is very important for our [Web site] visitors, distributors, and end-customers to know this information,” says Diana Mahana, Marketing Manager for Pro-Link.  “Originally, we made the calculator only available in our ‘members only’ section of our Web site. But now, because we think this is such an important issue, [we] have it posted to our public site to make it readily available.”
To view the CO2 Emissions Savings application, click here or visit the Green Cleaning, Green Product Line sections of the Web site.