According to reports from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), next weeks State of the Union address to Congress is expected to look to lawmakers for support America's 25 million small businesses. In recent years, the lack of attention from lawmakers has forced entrepreneurs to take dangerous and costly risks in their business, wasting time and money.

It is expected that the president will address "wise tax policy," which would allow small-business owners to keep more of the money the earn so they can re-invent it in their businesses. According to the report, such a policy would make permanent the tax cuts that the president earlier won, encourage investment in new equipment and buildings and clear the way for more job opportunities.

It is also likely that the issue of affordable health insurance for small firms will be addressed. Small-Business Health Plans will allow small employers to bypass barriers set up by many states and join together to pool their risks, thereby gaining the lower-cost health insurance premiums that big businesses and labor unions now enjoy.

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