Five of the largest janitorial cleaning companies in Houston made little progress in talks with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) earlier this week. If resistance continues, reports from the Houston Chronicle say, a strike is likely.

SEIU sent the five cleaning contractors — ABM Janitorial Services, Sanitors Services of Texas, OneSource Facility Services, GCA Services Group and Pritchard Industries Southwest — their wage and benefit demands in September, but never received a counterproposal. The union has been pushing for a contract since it announced last November that it had obtained representation cards from a majority of the 5,300 janitors who clean some of Houston's largest buildings.

According to the article, union leaders expect janitors to support a strike if it's called. One million dollars in a strike fund has already been collected to cover the wages of striking janitors.

Currently, Houston janitors are earning an average of $5.30 an hour. The union is pushing to raise that to $8.50 an hour in two years, as well as adding family health insurance for the workers.

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