PortionPac Chemical Corporation, Chicago-based manufacturer of industrial cleaners, has been honored as the first company chosen for the Sustainable Leadership Project by the Chicago Manufacturing Center (CMC) and as a “Sustainable Pioneer” by Natural Capitalism Solutions.

In selecting PortionPac, Karen Wan, GreenPlants Program Director at CMC, said, "PortionPac not only creates environmentally conscious cleaning products, but it produces them in a way that causes minimal damage to the environment and improves the quality of life in the communities it serves. In addition, PortionPac is one of a few companies in the United States that is recognized as a Sustainable Pioneer by Natural Capitalism Solutions.”

Sustainable Pioneers are those companies that implement the principles of natural capitalism throughout all of their business functions. CMC’s GreenPlants program works with Chicago manufacturers to demonstrate that implementing natural capitalism principles strengthens innovation and profitability in manufacturing. Natural capitalism is a set of strategies that allow businesses to address economic, social, and environmental interests concurrently to better satisfy customers' needs, increase profits and address social and environmental concerns.

“PortionPac’s business model goes beyond creating green products and services. The way PortionPac treats its employees, suppliers, customers and competitors exhibits the highest level of integrity and transparency,” Ms. Wan added. “Their continuing commitment to values driven management makes them a great company to highlight in our Sustainable Leadership Project.”

“Our company is honored to be designated a leader in sustainable manufacturing by these two respected organizations,” said PortionPac President Marvin Klein. “We look forward to sharing our experience with public and private sector leaders who share our belief that practicing good stewardship of our natural resources and people is the best way to do business and grow profits.” PortionPac’s continuous journey to become even more sustainable is being tracked over the next two years using a framework called the Sustainability Helix. You can find more information on PortionPac’s plan to continue to innovate in its own business and the cleaning industry here.