PortionPac Chemical Corporation, Chicago, has been named a “2010 Top Small Company Workplace” by Winning Workplaces of Evanston, Ill., a national non-profit organization,  working in partnership with Inc. magazine.  A six-page article about PortionPac is featured in the June, 2010 issue of Inc. magazine.
Selected from nearly 500 companies nationwide, PortionPac, which employs about 100 people, specializes in Sustainable Solutions.
“My dad, Marvin Klein and his partner Syd Weisberg, founded our company in 1964 with a goal of creating safer, effective and environmentally responsible cleaning products,” said Burt Klein, who is president of PortionPac Chemical Corporation.  “They were ‘green’ before it was fashionable, and their great business and personal values continue to inspire us at PortionPac Chemical Corporation.”
According to Winning Workplaces:  “The Top Small Company Workplaces recognition project highlights those small organizations that engage their employees, create great work environments and, in turn, deliver improved results.”
In addition to having a long-standing commitment to the environment and providing its employees with an art- and light-filled work space, PortionPac offers these notable features:
• The company’s culture focuses on three things:  trust, satisfaction and good relationships – creating a stable environment that encourages, engages, supports and rewards employees and customers – resulting in a family atmosphere, low employee turnover and long-term associations with many customers;
• Since 1988, the company has held a “Front to Back Day,” when management, office and sales staff work in the factory unloading trucks, making detergents, and packing, filling and shipping orders – and, then, the whole company enjoys a barbecue;
•  The company uses a system that it calls MUDA, based on the Japanese word for waste and focusing on the principles of lean management;
“On behalf of everyone at our company, it is my privilege to thank Winning Workplaces and Inc. magazine,” said Burt Klein.  “We are thrilled that PortionPac Chemical Corporation has been named a ‘2010 Top Small Company Workplace’ and are proud to be featured in Inc. magazine.”