As reported on, two recent polls of hotel customers and insiders reveal the perception of pest control and other housekeeping issues within the hospitality industry.

The results of the consumer survey include:
For hotel-goers who spent at least one night a month in a hotel, bathroom cleanliness was a top concern and when asked what might cause them to boycott a specific establishment, more than nine out of 10 said "visibly unclean bathtub."

Pest control also ranked up there as a top concern among hotel guests. Eighty-five percent of regular guests reported they might never return to a specific hotel if they saw or heard a mouse. Not far behind, 80 percent claimed they wouldn't come back if they found a cockroach in the bathroom.

Linen cleanliness was ranked lower on the list, with only half (51 percent) of regular hotel guests indicating that a hair on the pillowcase of a "freshly-made bed" might stop them from returning.

Noted in the article, "Perhaps the most important point for chain hospitality brands: a bad experience at one hotel in the chain has a ripple effect. Over 70 percent of all poll respondents reported that housekeeping problems at one hotel would impact the way they felt about its sister hotels."

Results from the insider survey include:
When asked to prioritize five housekeeping concerns, hotel staff ranked linen cleanliness first, then bathroom cleanliness, dishware cleanliness, chemical safety and pest control.

Two-thirds of hotel insiders (67 percent) rate bathroom cleanliness in their top two concerns and 87 percent rate it in the top three. This lines up with the demand of hotel-goers.

Somewhat off base from the consumer poll, housekeeping insiders don't consider pest control a large issue, even though the consumer poll reveals that more than four in five regular hotel guests see it as a major turnoff. Only 19 percent of hotel insiders rate pest control as their top housekeeping concern.

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