In recognition of the trend toward more innovative approaches to green cleaning, the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) is starting a pilot program and field study to evaluate new technologies and processes some experts predict will change the nature of green cleaning. Leaders in the educational sector and leading school districts are being offered an opportunity to participate in the next phase of green cleaning by joining in the field testing of key technologies utilizing renewable, reduced-chemical, or chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing processes. The program is being offered selectively to facilities that IEHA has identified as industry leaders, and involves steps including:

• Development of a confidential report that the educational facility can use to drive progressive decision making;
• Opportunity to participate as a member of a “Renewable Cleaning Consortium” under the auspices of the upcoming Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI).

For more information, contact Beth Risinger or call 800-200-6342.