Pierce Cleaning Supply has launched an updated e-commerce website that makes it easier to find "green" products in the cleaning and janitorial supply industries. In every product category, there is an opportunity to "go green" by finding the natural, biodegradable and recycled products that help create healthier environments and even support LEED certifications for businesses and facilities.

With the booming demand for green cleaning supplies and an entire industry searching for easier functionality, PierceCleaning.com has added an advanced search function that isolates products that are determined to have environmentally-friendly characteristics. While organizations such as Green Seal and EcoLogo are leading the way in certifying environmental leaders, Pierce Cleaning Supply is aiming to help customers find the most befitting sustainable products for their application.

"As an online distributor, we are making it easier for building service contractors, property managers, small businesses as well as school systems to find the new and better ways to create healthier environments by using the green cleaning products and practices that are so critical right now," says Dave Racine, Category Manager at Pierce Cleaning Supply.

With a focus on green cleaning through natural and sustainable cleaning products and janitorial supplies, PierceCleaning.com offers a helpful selection of green cleaning resources. From to green cleaning facts and industry links to checklists for a greener workplace, PierceCleaning.com also offers one-stop shopping for cleaning supplies with popular and readily-available "green" items along with unique descriptions of their specific eco-conscious attributes as well as downloadable MSDS sheets.

"We have seen an increase in customers who are specifically looking for green cleaning solutions as they become more educated about what they need, so we are fostering easier ways to fulfill their needs and facility requirements," adds Racine. "It's important that while we cut down on waste, we simultaneously improve the way we communicate a facility's hygiene and safety goals."