According to The Truth (Ind.), the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union applauded the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corp. for their decision not to outsource custodial services at the areas schools. While union members and their families picketed outside, board members voted to keep jobs in-house, although outsourcing may have saved the district $900,000 annually.

Instead of cutting janitorial jobs, school board members will vote on other budget-cutting and revenue-enhancing recommendations at a follow-up meeting. All the proposals are aimed at rectifying a projected $600,000 shortfall for this year and $1.9 million for 2007.

Some board members expressed that outsourcing their custodial services would violate the school's contract with AFSCME, which runs through 2007. "This custodial group made major concessions during negotiations, so not only is it a violation of the contract, it's also a violation of good faith," says Randy Leliaert, school board member.

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