Perf Go Green Holdings Inc., New York, announced its partnership with Paper Enterprises Inc., an experienced paper disposables and janitorial products distributor in the greater New York metropolitan area. Paper Enterprises will distribute Perf Go Green's full retail and commercial line of products including their biodegradable trash bags, PerfPower Alkaline Batteries and Perf Go Clean All Natural and Sustainable Cleaners.
"Perf Go Green is proud to have our biodegradable trash bags available through Paper Enterprises, Inc. As a major distributor in the New York metropolitan area, Paper Enterprises will help retail and commercial clients make the transition to biodegradable trash bags and sustainable products with ease," says Tony Tracy, Chairman and CEO at Perf Go Green. "We, at Perf Go Green, believe in reusing, recycling, and reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible by providing eco-conscious commercial products that facilitate a greener lifestyle.''
"Paper Enterprises Inc. and Consolidated Paper Company, our re-distribution arm, are excited about collaborating with Perf Go Green to distribute and sell these cutting-edge green products in our markets," says Jordan Sedler, President of Paper Enterprises Inc. "Our customers and prospect base have demonstrated an increasingly strong and adamant demand for environmental-friendly products; Perf Go Green products are the perfect answer to this market.