The National Center for Policy Analysis reported that more and more Michigan school districts are beginning to outsource their janitorial services, among others. This was proven following a study done by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

The study focused on whether or not the trend to outsource food, janitorial and bussing services was on the rise. Michigan's 552 school districts were surveyed and it was determined that outsourcing was becoming more popular in the state.

Almost 34 percent of districts contracted out these services in 2003, compared to 35.5 percent today. The study also found that at least 196 Michigan districts outsource at least one of these services. Food services ranked highest, but the contracting of janitorial services is becoming more frequent. The study indicated that janitorial services are now outsourced in 8.7 percent of districts, up from 6.6 percent just two years ago.

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